Disconnect from the rush of daily life and go OffGrid. Irelands only private infrared sauna studios & recovery and wellness space.

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Offgrid Recovery & Wellness

Our goal is simple, provide our clients with the best possible recovery and wellbeing experience available in today’s market, that’s why at OffGrid you will have the option to choose from many of of our world class recovery treatments when you visit. We use companies like Sunlighten who have been a leading innovator in the Infrared sauna market and has been established globally for over 20 years and Hyperice Normatec who are world renowned and have revolutionized the compression and massage therapy industry.

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We have created this space to allow for everyone to enjoy the amazing benefits that recovery can have on the body and the mind  in a relaxing and private setting, we cater for the needs of the individual & and also host large groups.

Our promise to our clients
Constant reinvestment within OffGrid giving clients access to some of the worlds leading recovery equipment.

Calm interaction within a space like no other for you to unwind and enjoy these amazing treatments. A 5 star experience without a 5 star budget-We want to make these treatments as enjoyable and affordable with the hopes that more people start to adapt recovery into their daily lives.

Welcome to our space we look forward to meeting you.

Our Treatments


50 min session

Our private infrared saunas use near, mid, and far-infrared wavelengths of light to penetrate into your tissues, allowing the mobilisation & release of toxins as you sweat.

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Contrast Therapy

60 min session

Our contrast therapy consists of alternating between heating the body in an infrared sauna and cooling down in our ice bath over a 60 minute period to stimulate healing.

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45 to 75 min session

Our Normatec systems allow you to choose the target area of treatment, upper/mid/lower body and we provide you with a relaxing space to enjoy your compression therapy session.

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